Hardware Sales

  • PC (Intel-based) Workstations from manufacturers including: Fujitsu Siemens, Hewlett Packward and Acer can be sourced and provided as reliable work-horses for the office environment - With on-site hardware warranty from the manufacturer.
  • PC (Intel-based) Servers from manufactures including Fujitsu Siemens and HP can be supplied to provide stable networking platform for the office, once again benefiting from on-site hardware warranty direct from the manufacturer.
  • Peripheral items including: monitors, printers, scanners, digital cameras etc.
  • Upgrades including: memory upgrade for that larger software application, more hard disc drive storage for those larger user data files etc.

Software Sales

  • PC workstation desktop operating systems including: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows7
  • Office applications including: Microsoft Office etc.
  • Server based operating systems including: Microsoft Windows (SBS)
  • Networked e-mail solutions including: Including Microsoft's Exchange server - To give e-mail access to all your office workstations
  • Anti-Virus solutions: Protect those computers from dangerous e-mail attachments and Internet browsing
    Are your systems legal? Do you have enough software licenses for all that installed software? The Microsoft licensing system explained.

Network Sales

Connect those workstations and/or printers together to allow for better resource utilization and fall-back. Items that can be supplied, installed and supported include:

  • Hubs
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Print servers
  • Network attached storage devices
  • Network cards
  • CAT 5 cabling systems also be implemented afresh or expand your current installation/set-up


  • Domain name registration
  • Web and/or e-mail hosting
  • Internet access - single workstation to full protected network access
  • Firewalls - Secure those office systems from possible Internet attacks

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