Experience has shown that the smaller business cannot justity or afford deciated full-time support and development of the company’s IT equipment. Usually, the company relies on a member of staff to provide this support. This person may not have the skill set or, indeed, time to resolve these issuses and the business will struggle with outdated, slow or problematical systems and practices being used, wasting resources and money working around these problems. This also does not allow for a contingency plan should this person be ill, on holiday or leave the company!!

Computers365 can provide a complete solution to the smaller business providing support services to include:\r\n

  • Responding to unexpected problems as and when they occur
  • Consulting and advising on future IT planning and requirements
  • Monitoring computer network performance
  • Ensuring that back-up routines and anti-virus protection are kept current
  • Providing user training to better use IT systems and increase problem solving abilities
  • The aim of the above is to allow the smaller business to be pro-active, not re-active, giving better use of IT systems - them work for you, not the other way round!!

Computers365 can operate in a number of ways to support your IT systems and requirements:

A Retained Support Fee

  • In consultation with you, a period of time is defined as to the expected support requirement of the systems. This is then converted into a monthly cost to you. You can then budget for this, safe in the knowledge that the company’s IT systems are being maintained.
  • Currently, clients having a retained service range from one day per month to one day per week.
  • Any additional time required above the allocated time will be charged using the normal time & material rates - details are available upon request.

Ad-hoc Support

  • Responding to problems as and when they occur.
  • This involves the client paying the normal time & materials rate for any work required in the support of their systems.

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